luv the hurt away britney spears

Oh I was broken hearted
Feeling sad and all alone
I thought I was going crazy baby
I thought the pain would last forever
I thought he�d never ever hurt me (?)and burn me(?)
Over and over again

Oh and you tried into my world
You showed the loving ways
A guy should treat a girl
The love you give it makes me breathe again
I found someone who feels me
An understanding friend until the then

I know the future none can see
But I feel deep in my heart
You will stay with me
(?)It turns away
So just look back
even every day(?)
and hold me in your arms
please luv the hurt away

I�ll make it go away, yes I will
the hurt away

I see heaven in your eyes
Tell me why would he make you cry?
And lie
He must have been out of his mind
I would never hurt you baby
Don�t let one fool turn you cold
Oh no
You�ve got a hurt of gold (heart of gold)
I love everything about you

All I know is

Every road I take leads straight to you (straight to you)
Your special heart of (?) gives everything I do
Nobody else comes close to the love you give
Body and soul
I�m going to love you for as long as I live

And I know it�s not easy letting go (no, it�s not easy)
But I won�t let you fall
Together you and me we�ve got it all
I just love you more and more each day
I rest my head on your shoulders
Please luv the hurt away

Luv the hurt away
I know (I know)
The future none can see
I feel deep in my heart
You will stay with me
(?)Don�t turn away(?)
I just love you, more and more each day
Please luv the hurt away

Ooh my love, luv the hurt away
Please luv the hurt away

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