union black eyed peas

We’ll be rockin’ till the morning after

If you stay one more night with me
Just stay one more night with me
If you stay one more night with me
We’ll be rocking till the morning after

Your body’s close to mine
When we’re kissing I am opening the door
And we forget the time
Gonna take you where you’ve never been before

Sharing every breath we take
It feels like every minute is a wall
The magic moment is awake
And I want it all

[Nakarat] 2x

I’m coming on to you
Let me take you on the journey of your life
I’ll show what I can do
Leave it to imagination, close your eyes
Your lips are filled with heat
And your heart is beating faster with the treat
Your hands are soft and warm
And I touch you from your head down to your feet

You’re bringing down the stars for me
I feel I’m on the verge of losing my cool
And heaven is the place to be
Beyond my control

[Nakarat] 2x

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