too much water belinda carlisle

Dreams in the night,
Dreams overflow,
Building bridges to each other,
Hearts make the waters flow.

Sunlight and diamonds,
Reflecting hope,
Making journeys to each other,
Going where lovers go.

You were sleeping, I was walking
To the rhythm of the falling rain,
Too much water to cross over,
All the bridges falling down.

You sing me songs,
With overtures,
From strange exotic places,
Words I’ve never heard.

Wait ’til the morning,
Don’t send me back,
Don’t send me back across the rainbow,
No return to where I’ve been.

You were reaching, I was taken,
To the river in the light of dawn,
Too much water, to cross over,
All the bridges falling down…

Falling down.

Come lie beside me,
Lie beside me now,
Beneath the waves,
Beauty surrounds us…

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