weightless (feat. emma anderson) bosson

I’m gonna make you weightless
(I’m gonna make you weightless)
I wanna watch you fly to the sky tonight

I know just what you want
Cause I’ve been living inside your dreams
I am all you ever needed
And more if you want me to

Cause I can take you higher
Come dance with me
We’ll watch the sun come down together
Cause I will be your everything

I’m gonna make you weightless
I wanna watch you fly to the sky tonight
I’m gonna make you feelless
I’ll be there (I’ll be there)
When you come to life again

We’ll be careless and free
Just you and I no do’s and dont’s
One chance in a lifetime
To do exacly what you want

Time is here for you (time is here for you)
To be all you ever dreamt
Dreamt that you could be
And could be just anything

[Nakarat] (2x)

I’m gonna make you fly(I’m gonna make you fly)
I’m gonna take you higher

You’d be weightless with me
You’d be feelless with me
You’ll be weightless with me (2x)

[Nakarat] (2x)

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