come on b2k

Come on… come on…
(leave em alone)
Omarion, first verse…

Pretty little lady I see you
Little Man knows what he wanna do
After school
You know that it’s okay
Truth or dare
I wanna play
Baby if you stay
Sweetheart, let him go
So that I will know

Come on, I know what you want
No need to front
Come on, leave him for me
What a pretty little thing like you gonna do with a fool like him
When you could be with me?
Come on, wait a minute

Hide and seek
If I come catch you, boo, be with me (baby)
Can you feel my flow
If not, you’ll creep baby, that’s fa sho
I’ll satisfy
If you give me the time and recognize
Sweetheart let him go
So that I will know

Omarion, J Boog, Raz B, Lil Fizz
You feel me
B2K on the track, baby
Blowin up

Get him out your life – Don’t be a fool
Five minutes with me – No other guy will take my place
Don’t be dumb – he’s playin in your face
Get with me, baby

Leave him for me
Leave him for me, cuz I want you, girl

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